Daniel S. Biehl Artworks and Invention for Everyday Life, 
Updated June 23, 2007

An artist working primarily in printmaking and sculpture for over thirty years, Daniel Biehl has created this site to share his images and ideas in the interest of contributing to the public discourse in ways beyond the scope of the exhibition of the actual work. Here is presented a look back at many works in diverse media reflecting an ongoing experimentation and independant development of processes and ideas.

The work is typically an exploration of the process or medium in use as informed by the unconscious saturation of experience, research, news and visual stimuli. These ingredients are mixed, fermented and applied manually to produce art.

Currently living in Great Falls, Montana with his wife Julia M. Becker -who is among the most prolific and accomplished artists currently working in the region- and their remarkable fifteen year old daughter, Eula Viva, who reveals to many who meet her that differences some perceive as disabilities may actually be super-powers.

Included in the site are sections related to bodies of work in different fields of endeavor, as well as images and commentary through which I have tried to provide glimpses of the processes involved or a glimmer of the context in which particular bodies of work were produced.

From here you can open the prints, slate carvings, sculpture and furniture pages; read descriptions of some selected process details, check out a resume or a few links to websites of interest, or purchase directly some of the original unique or very limited edition works shown on this site on the Shop page.

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