Links to Important Sites

Below are links to other sites of interest, including other artists, friends, resources, etc.

Julia M. Becker, my spouse, partner and collaborator has a site which brushes on her tremendous output of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture:

Janet Biehl, my older sister, is an author, editor, renowned social ecology theorist as well as an artist living in Burlington, Vermont. Her sketches, drawings, watercolors and prints convey an intimate immediate representation and playfulness, even within an evident purposefulness. She has some things on Etsy:
Her website features pages of her ongoing series of graphic depictions of the life, words and work of the late Murray Bookchin, her own words and illustrations of various fascinating people and events:

Mark Patsfall owns and operates Clay Street Press, Inc. in Cincinnati Ohio. I have known Mark for thirty years as an underspoken pragmatist who dives into any artmaking dilemma and develops a working solution. His press publishes the work of artists and printmakers from around the world:

The Caravan Project brought me in contact with a group of extraordinary artists from Missoula, Great Falls and Bozeman. Working and traveling together the summer of 1995 was a tremendous experience for all of us, and our group endeavors continue to this day:

Cedric Green has an excellent website with details regarding the Bordeaux Etch (or salt etch by Nik Semenoff) and etching with electricity:

Nik Semenoff performed the original research and development of a variety of innovative printmaking techniques, notably the salt etch for use with aluminum plates and waterless lithography. His website is loaded with information:

Christie Nuell at Middle Tennessee State University operates the invaluable Printmaking Links website which directs the modern printmaker to a wealth of resources and the excellent Discussion Page forum:

Rick Newby and the Drumlummon Institute are engaging Montanans in eloquent and insightful discussions on the art and artists of our time and region. Nothing is needed more right now for a popular appreciation of contemporary art than such a development of ideas and vocabulary: